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Kad 3D is an innovative new business based in Melbourne's inner North. Our passion is to have your idea realised in 3D print form. We offer a hassle-free initial consultation going the extra mile until your needs are met. With 24 hour access 7 days a week to have your model printed within days. We're also more than happy to assist with model design, design advice and repair. We believe 3D printing is the future and every school, business or creative individual should have an understanding of this concept. We provide kits to help you understand the 3D printing process and how it works, plug 'n print models ready to create your idea or professional machines for businesses. Whatever the printer or task at hand, Kad3D can help! In short, Kad 3D aim to provide a memorable service that clients will want to return to. Customer service is our number 1 goal and we will continually do everything in our power to ensure an exceptional experience. Our services include: 1. 3D Printing Service; - FDM - SLS - SLA - Metals 2. 3D Modelling; - Napkin sketches - Proof of concept - New designs based on design requirements 3. Mass manufacture and mould making - Design to mass manufacture 4. 3D Printing Faculty Setup and Training - Setting up a facility dedicated to 3D printing - In-depth staff training

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