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Kreshendo is a team of strategists, designers and digital designers who are passionate about orchestrating your brand success. We have specialist expertise in Strategic Branding and Marketing, Interactive Marketing and e-Commerce, and Design and Print. We are based on the Sunshine Coast, but have a client base spanning Local, National and International markets. We work with major brands through to micro-businesses. Our values are: Integrity, Humour, Hard work and a Client focus. What does Kreshendo mean? The musical term 'crescendo' refers to a gradual increase in volume – in other words… starting small, but finishing big. We see our role a bit like that. We help businesses and individuals fulfill their potential and we also like doing things a little differently... that's why we messed with the spelling of the word 'crescendo'. Talk to us about our expertise in: • Strategic Branding • Marketing Communication • Graphic Design and Print • Interactive/Social Media Marketing • Web Design • e-Commerce See Less

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