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I'm Rosy, a passionate graphic designer with a bachelor in marketing and more than 5 years of sales experiences. With this mix my strengths are for certain understanding of the needs and wants of clients and their target audiences. The greatest gift in my life is being surrounded by amazing friends and my partner. I love to discover new places in and around Australia. In my free time I am usually at the beach playing beach volleyball. I love listening to music. My earphones are always with me with background music in my ears. Sustainability is an another big part of my life. I think that we can do much more to keep and make our planet clean, save and beautiful. I refuse plastic as much as possible, live a sustainable lifestyle and aim to be every day a better I. My friend and I are also a part of the #VicBeachClean Founder which we launched in 2018. I'm always looking out for customers who do their part to make life for humans, animals or the nature better. I think caring for each other is the nicest thing we can do. If I sparked your interest, feel free to get in touch with me. I am really looking forward to catching up with you!

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