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Skye Creative is a holistic marketing and content creation business, born from a passion for all things creative. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that with a combination of imagination, positivity and creative innovation, the sky's the limit. Skye Creative is a woman-owned and led business with Creative Director Paige Poignand-Smith at the helm of all projects. We offer a range of services in bespoke packages suited to you and your business, ranging from branding, web design, graphic design, social media and video creation. Branding - And, in some cases rebranding, can be essential to the ongoing success of a business. As consumer ideals change, your brand needs to put its best face forward with consistent messaging. This can include logo design, brand guidelines, email signatures and more. Graphic Design - No matter the target audience, every consumer loves to engage with beautiful effective content or artwork. The best graphic design communicates the essence of your brand and instils a sense of trust within your consumer, enticing them to learn more. Copywriting - Visual elements may capture a consumer's interest first but the writing is what keeps them interested. All copy across your website and marketing should be consistent and seamless (with no spelling or grammatical errors!). This allows your consumers to have greater confidence in your business. Video - If it's not a pretty picture, the world wants video! The internet has seen the rise of captivating content through motion and has proven to be more effective in gaining the trust and converting your consumers. With quality video filming, editing and colour grading, you'll be one step closer to reaching that goal. Website Design - Humans are visual creatures. The right design instils a greater sense of trust in a brand instantly. Redesigning your website could be the one thing you need to give consumers greater confidence in going from the consideration to the conversion part of the marketing funnel. Social Media - Knowing how your consumers like to be engaged with and what they like to see is essential to the success of your social media channels. It's also a crucial part of the process of organically gaining new customer interest. We know how to effectively garner these results and utilise analytics to grow your presence. Content Creation - The right marketing material can truly transform your business's success. From location scouting, to styling, to photography and more, we offer the services you need to help bring your website, social media and marketing communications to life. Email Marketing Design and Consultancy - Email marketing can be the best or worst way to engage with your consumers. It's absolutely vital that you know what your consumers want to see, and how they like this information presented, in order to enhance your results and reduce your chances of consumers unsubscribing. We create enticing email templates for you to use in your email marketing, and offer consulting to help you build your content pillars and spark ideas that your consumers will love to see. And more... Our services go beyond the many that have been listed above. Our overall goal is to help your business soar, so if you have a specific requirement, please get in touch so we can provide a more comprehensive view of how we can help your business. Paige has a wealth of experience that affords her the ability to work on such a broad range of tasks. She graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, majoring in creative writing and minoring in screen studies in 2017. From here, she worked at one of best, award-winning digital marketing agencies in Sydney, writing social media content for over 200 small-to-medium businesses across Australia and New Zealand. With a strong writing background, she also had numerous articles published in over 20 News Corp Australia publications, in print and online. Now, with four years of industry experience under her belt, and numerous graphic design and video editing courses completed, Paige is able to provide an extensive range of services, with the fresh perspective required in today's market.

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